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Character Limits:

0/75SEO Title
0/160SEO Meta Description
0/10,000Twitter DM's
0/15Twitter User Handle
0/20Twitter Profile Name
0/63,206Facebook Post
0/130Facebook Background Color
0/101Facebook Bio
0/155Facebook Page Description
0/150Instagram Bio
0/2,200Instagram Captions
0/30Instagram Captions Hashtags Number
0/2,200Instagram Ads Captions
0/150LinkedIn Post Title
0/120,000LinkedIn Post Text
0/100LinkedIn Status Update
0/700LinkedIn Company Update
0/160Pinterest Bio
0/100Pinterest Board Name
0/500Pinterest Board Description
0/500Pinterest Pin Description
0/70YouTube Video Title
0/5,000YouTube Video Description
0/60YouTube Playlist Title

Character Counter is a free tool of “The Word Count”. You can easily use Character count online. Some of the time users desire ease over the entirety of the point by point composing data. Word Counter gives, and this is actually what this instrument offers. It shows character count and word check which is regularly the main data an individual has to think about their composition. The best part is that you get the required data at an extremely quick speed.

To discover the word and character count of your composition, you have to just copy or type your content into the tool or compose legitimately into the content area. When you have completed your work, the free online tool will show the content that has been inserted. Character count tool will be beneficial for a writer when he tends to write for something that has a specific character limit. It also displays character counter including spaces between words.

Importance of Character or Word counter

Characters and words counter have importance in many writing aspects.

Character and words limit in social sites

Character and word limits are very common nowadays on the Web. The one that the vast majority are likely mindful of is the 140-character limit for tweets on Twitter, however, character limits aren't confined to Twitter. There are limits for instant messages (SMS), Howl surveys, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, Reddit titles and remarks, eBay titles, and portrayals just as numerous others. Knowing these restricted limits, just as having the option to see as you approach them, will allow you to all the more likely communicate inside as far as possible.

Characters limit in assignments

Characters and words limit also have to follow in assignments and applications. Characters' counter is helpful for students so that they can follow instructions properly while accomplishing assignments. Character counter can ensure you that you are not spontaneously crossing word or character limits or neglect to meet essentials that can be hindering to these assignments.

Useful for scholars

This data can likewise be very useful for scholars. Knowing the number of words and characters can assist authors with bettering comprehend the length of their composition, and work to show the pages of their writing with a particular goal in mind. For the individuals who compose for magazines and papers where there is restricted space, realizing these checks can enable the author to get the most data into that constrained space.

Useful in searchers

For work searchers, knowing the number of characters of your resume can be basic to get all the data you need on a single page. You can mess around with various textual styles, their sizes, and separating to modify the number of characters you can fit on a single page, however, it's imperative to realize the number you're endeavoring to fit on the page.